Dear Friends and Neighbors of 41A,

     I first ran for house in 2010 and received 46% of the vote in that election. I was running because I felt our politicians had stopped listening and had forgotten that service was an honor and that they were there to serve you.

     This is where my slogan "Let Your Voice Be Heard" came from. I also made it clear that I was NOT running for a party, a political agenda, or a personal initiative. I was running to serve and to work on real solutions for our communities and our state.

Click here to read my 2010 Letter    In that election everyone was concerned with a devastated economy, a high unemployment rate, out of control government spending, a huge state deficit, and a federal and state government which no longer could sustain itself and needed immediate reform.

     Some reforms took place and while we did not increase government spending by the 24% previously planned we still increased spending by 7% and asked our schools to help pay for it. Additionally, we saw a lot of political divisiveness on both sides which has nothing to do with good and representative government.

     Today it is vital our representative understands we need a prioritized balanced approach to meet our current challenges. We need to repay our school shift and stop using this budgeting tactic which has plagued us for decades. We also need to work for education reform and the fair funding of schools.

     Our economy is still struggling and we need to be working on job creation and working with small business through tax, mandate, and health care reform. We are ranked 45th for being a business friendly state so it is no wonder why we are seeing small businesses shrinking or simply going away.

     Government needs to be more fiscally responsible and accountable for how your tax dollar is spent. I firmly believe that lobbyists and special interests at the capital have caused our legislature to lose sight of who they are supposed to be spending for and how to provide the tenets of good government.

     In 2012 it also concerns me that my opponent "resigned" from office in 2006 to accept a job as a fulltime lobbyist for Education Minnesota. It further concerns me that she is telling a different story to try to hide this fact today.

     To learn more about this or my stand on the issues please visit my Learn More section or contact me directly. I will be happy to answer any question you may have.

     As a veteran who served his country for 21 years it would be my honor to serve you. I am asking for your vote and support in making our community stronger, our values clear, and our future secure. Please join me November 6th 2012 and together we will build a better tomorrow and a stronger Minnesota.


Dale A. Helm
Candidate, State Representative 41A

Vote November 6th 2012

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That government is the strongest of which everyman feels himself a part
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